American Nationwide Singing Telegram !!

American Nationwide Singing Telegram !!
From All4Fun Serving Chicago ,
And Suburbs With Singing Telegrams,
Park Ridge,
United States of America
Tel: 847-825-5558
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Welcome to American Singing Telegram Nationwide Singing Telegrams !!
Singing Telegram, Singing Telgrams Entertainment Serving Chicago & Nationwide. Phone Grams Any Where On The Planet.
Chicago Phone: 1- 847-825-5558

Our Discount Party Supply accents music sets and decorate guests to make your party special. We ...
Crazy Chicken Singing Telegram
<A><BGSOUND src=Crazy Chicken Singing Telegram
This Crazy Chicken Singing Telegram sings a song , delivers balloons and gets every one doing ...
TheThe" Salsa American" Way SingingTelegram
Our Carmen does her singing telegram the salsa american way , and every one loves it , Chica Boom ...
Singing Telegram Heart
<BGSOUND SRC=Singing Telegram Heart
For The Love Of Your Life Send This Telegram For That Special Anniversary, Birthday, And Valentines' ...
Lovin' Pinkie, The Pink Gorilla Singing Telegram
<a><BGSOUND src=Lovin' Pinkie, The Pink Gorilla Singing Telegram
Every one loves Pinkie , cute, wants to cuddle, Yes ! you get balloons , party hat and telegram ...
A Real Nerd Singing Telegram
<BGSOUND SRC=A Real Nerd Singing Telegram
Every one thinks now and then what ever happen to that high school sweetheart ! A great gag singing ...
Gorilla Singing Telegram
<a><BGSOUND src=Gorilla Singing Telegram
Ahhh, Eeeha, Ehaa, Eee Haa, thats what our gorilla sounds like beating its chest, it includes ...
Rockin' Cop Singing Telegram ( male or female)
<a><BGSOUND src=Rockin' Cop Singing Telegram ( male or female)
This Special All For Fun Officer will serve an arrest warrent to " The Accused " for speeding ...
Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend.....Singing Telegram
<a><BGSOUND src=Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend.....Singing Telegram
Our Marilyn will dress the "Victim " up like a movie producer with white brim hat and shades. ...
Thank You Very Much....Elvis Singing Telegram !!
<a><BGSOUND src=Thank You Very Much....Elvis Singing Telegram !!
Our Elvis Singing Telegram sings hits like; CC Rider, Stuck On You , Teddy Bear, Viva Las Vegas, ...
Belly Dancer Chicago 
<BGSOUND SRC=Belly Dancer Chicago
Samantha, One Of Our Top Ten Dancers In Chicago !! Great Performance , Family Rated Entertainment ...
Nurse Feel Good Singing Telegram
<a><BGSOUND src=Nurse Feel Good Singing Telegram
Feel a little sick, going over the hill, Nurse Feel Good has the remedy !!! Her singing telegram ...
Fun With Clowns !! Singing Telegram Too !! 
<BGSOUND SRC=Fun With Clowns !! Singing Telegram Too !!
Bobolo The Clown and his friends are available for 1 hour 0r 2 hours, great fun for the kids with ...
Weeping Widow Singing Telegram
<a><BGSOUND src=Weeping Widow Singing Telegram
A singing telegram that crys and crys over the passing of ones youth. Includes a dozen black ...
Singing Telegram Prices Chicago
<BGSOUND SRC=Singing Telegram Prices Chicago
Singing Telegram Prices For The Chicago Area